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Nov 10, 2012 2:00pm EST
-- prince of earmarks and a reformed non- earmarker will stay, and where health care and energy policy, a committee of jurisdiction there, that chairman will be staying another two years. ways and means, which might see a lot of action with fiscal cliff and tax reform, entitlement stuff, always goes through ways and means -- dave camp, like fred upton. judiciary committee, he will make a bid for the science committee. he will find himself in competition with james sensenbrenner, who indicated he is interested in that job as well. ralph hall, the chairman now, term limits. transportation and infrastructure headed by john mica, he is term-limited in that role, and there are a few people will have seniority and the either have committee assignments or are not looked upon as viable. it looks like we are passing the baton to a new generation. bill schuster, the son of bud shuster, old transportation committee chairman, he is making a very strong play for the chairmanship of that. that will be just in time for congress to start thinking about another reauthorization of transportation program
Nov 11, 2012 6:00am EST
-shia relation and energy. it is a democratic state with a lot of flaws. it is a functioning democracy and that is a good day and we need to do our best to continue to encourage. the administration is putting a lot of quiet effort into this and this needs to continue. there are several serious risks. the biggest is that syria will pull iraq asunder as the various groups go in various directions. so far, that has not happened but the longer the situation in syria is allowed to continue, the more likely that very bad scenario will occur. one of the main reasons we kept our troops in iraq and lost 4500 tubes was to maintain the unity of iraq. that depends on plurality and democracy. that's all we have now with all its faults and the need to be supported. the other major threat is the debate, struggle, disputes between the kurds in the north and the central government under prime minister maliki. that is a complicated issue but one of the factors playing a huge role is oil. oil is either the glue that will hold iraq together with kurdistan contributing to some degree to the massive increas
Nov 11, 2012 2:00pm EST
health care bill failed. that was a failure to put resources, focus, and energy into working on each constituency that could have voted down the bill. the pro-life democrats being a great example. about $1 million out of the $80 million that was spent had been focused on that, maybe it would have voted differently and we would not be talking about obamacare today. >> i have two questions. the first is is there an acknowledgement that the demographics in this country, that is changing, there is a changing face of america, what do you do about that? what happens now that you have the fiscal cliff? you have this deadline, how does that change? does your approach change post- election now? >> there is definitely a demographic change. we all recognize that. there is a school of people that work in demographics who said that if romney had won this election it would be the last national election that a republican would win under the same rules and principles. if you look at the numbers and there was a zogby poll that came out this afternoon that shows where -- how those numbers have changed
Nov 10, 2012 10:00am EST
this is incredibly tiring. but you know what, you drive energy from the good work that so many people do around this commonwealth. i could not be so from -- more fortunate in the friends and supporters i have had in 15 years. i'm going to add lib one more thank you, i want to think people who waited for hours and hours -- thank people who waited for hours and hours. [applause] i am not sure, i am not sure people should have had to wait for hours and hours to vote. when i was a youngster, i took a year off from moscow and worked as a missionary in honduras. -- law school and worked as a missionary in honduras. nobody could vote for anything. nobody could vote for anything. i took it for granted, of course people vote. that is what we do. when you live somewhere else where people cannot vote and they cannot pick their leaders and a lot of people in the world still living countries and societies like that, you come to realize how important it is. the specter of virginians standing for hours and hours in mind today, maybe they should not have had to, but they were willing to do it. [applause] parti
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4